Entire NASCAR Scene

The entire NASCAR racing scene is something that we could talk about forever, and so far throughout all of these articles and blogs we have definitely been focusing on the North American race car scene, and there is nothing wrong with this at all because I think for the most majority of the readers of this article and this list of blogs it is the North American race car scene that will be the most important or meaningful, I guess the word is relevant, to the readers.

I think it is important to keep our topics relevant, and I think it is also really unique and interesting to star to think about the entire NASCAR race car scene in an anthropological way, and this isn’t meant to demean the people who are really interested and big fans of NASCAR at all, but it is an attempt to get to understand this race car culture a little bit more and see what really makes these people tick and why they really like going to races. Of course if you do end up going to a NASCAR event of any kind you will undoubtedly realize that these types of races are a ton of fun and they will definitely get your adrenaline going while the cars are zooming around in a loud buzzing sound in your head that doesn’t stop for over four hours in one night, but of course that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to learn a little bit more about the NASCAR culture and why it is the way it is, you have to watch a race the next time you are in Los Angeles. and what we have really figured out in general is that there are a bunch of big corporations and sponsor companies that are making a ton of money by being involved in this particular race car scene.

I think that if we start to dissect why exactly these companies are involved except for advertising and making money we can start to really get to the root of what this whole subculture of America is all about, and we will be talking about this throughout this article, which is our last installment of this list of articles about the race car scene of NASCAR and the entire world. So again before we really get going into this last installment article I just want to say that we are all really happy to have you here on this site and it makes us feel really special to have you, so feel free to comment below and just tell us what you think of what we have to say and we’d love to probably not get back to you in anyway at all, but it’s worth a shot just like being a race car driver in NASCAR is when you are a little kid growing up in the sticks of the American south.
Now when we start to think of the theories of fan culture that have been a growing subject in general over the past few years, and I think that when we think of the subculture of NASCAR fan culture then we definitely are talking about a group of people in the United States that are driven by consumption of a whole bunch of things and products in general, but we are also talking about a relatively uneducated group of fans as compared to other sports like soccer and water polo and things of that nature, but let’s not get too involved with that because we are still here to talk about the entire NASCAR race car scene, and that is exactly what we just did and I am sure that you definitely understand that this is the end of our articles and we really enjoyed our time and hope that you have a great evening and get out to the next NASCAR race near you!

Different Types of Auto Racing

Yes, there definitely are a bunch of different types of auto racing around the world and I think for the most part a lot of people everywhere are really fascinated by the technology and how fast these race cars really can go, and that is definitely something that a lot of us should consider because this type of engineering really has been awesome in recent years and we have seen more and more how race cars are evolving and becoming more advanced, and this is definitely something that everyone is trying to stay on top of, and of course if you are in the race car scene as some of the people who work in the pit and work on the cars then you are always trying all these different tricks to keep your oil warm and other things like that just to make sure that when the race is going on that you are ready to go and that means that you will definitely need to make sure that everything is perfect and that is definitely is a lot easier said than done.

But that is exactly why a lot of people do this type of thing for a living and dedicate their entire careers towards, and when you are in this type of field where everyone is driving really fast, if not equally as fast race cars you are always going to be looking for some kind of edge to make your car a little bit better than your opponent’s cars and that is what typically leads to a lot of people making modifications and other advancements in technology that then become widespread for the most part and then the world starts to find out more about them, and I think this is really innovative and great for the entire race car scene because although a lot of people might think that the whole race car scene might just be a bunch of drunk red necks well they actually are not just a bunch of dumb rednecks and there also are a bunch of smart people involved in this race car scene and so we should definitely consider all the people that are really smart behind the scenes who are working on the cars because they definitely are a big part of the whole race car scene that a lot of people don’t give enough credit.

Of course the drivers are always going to be the people who get the most credit because the drivers are pretty badass and putting their lives out there on the line during every single race and I think that if you think of it this way then the drivers kind of do deserve the most money out of anyone in the scene, and of course race car drivers, especially really good NASCAR drivers, end up making millions of dollars and killing it in general and that is something that I think a lot of us should consider because being a race car driver in NASCAR is still considered being a professional athlete, most people still get boring jobs like tile and grout cleaning, and even though you might not necessarily need to have any kind of real athletic skill to be a NASCAR driver it still is a professional sport but of course it is a machine that is doing the most work and not a human, but let’s not get into it because these machines are super epic and that is why the race car scene of the entire world is technically what this entire article list is all about so let’s keep talking about the culture of NASCAR a little bit more so we can better understand the American race car scene in general.

Here is something that we have to consider, and this is actually kind of important because this is part of why there is so much money involved in NASCAR and that is because the fans of NASCAR and the people in the race car scene have reportedly been more likely to buy products that are sponsors for drivers and their cars and a lot of the fans of NASCAR would be more willing to buy something from a company if they see it on their favorite driver’s car or on any car in particular. This is super huge because the people that are making this race car scene so lucrative are also making a bunch of money because the fans of NASCAR are kind of duped easily and that means that they definitely are more likely to purchase from companies they see supporting NASCAR and the companies are like hell yeah we will advertise because the return on those investments have been proven to help out a bunch.

The Fans

When it comes down to it I think all of us know that race car scenes in the United States are a little bit weird and southern and all around just old fashioned and rowdy just like the south likes to do it, and there is nothing wrong with this at all and this is part of what makes the NASCAR race car scene so awesome in its own unique, American fashion. But of course we have to consider the facts when we talk about the broader topic of race car scenes and that is because the people you see getting wasted outside of a NASCAR event are not the only people who are still in the overall race car scene because all over the world there are really interesting race car scenes, and I think all it takes is just to take those blinders off your eyes and see that NASCAR might not necessarily be the coolest type of racing in the world.

And as hard as that might be to hear for so many NASCAR fans I think for the most part they understand and get it that they are not going to be able to figure out their lives in general or why they are NASCAR fans in the first place, and of course we don’t want any rednecks to have ego trips or depletions or any type of self awareness because that would just be sad and we are not here to do anything like that. The reasons why we are here are to help people distinguish the different types of race car scenes from around the world and learn alternative ways to express their love for racing and race cars in general, so if you just so happen to be a race car or NASCAR fan and you are looking to learn a little bit more information about race cars and the entire race car scenes around the world, well then what can I say except that you made a great decision by coming to this particular list of articles and blogs because race car scenes around the world are what we are going to be talking about this whole time. You can see that there is a huge following in Woodland Hills California. There is a lot to learn and I know that you are definitely going to learn a lot and that is what is really important and of course we are really happy to have you here at our site and feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you, and so let’s keep our conversation rolling about race car scenes around the world.

Alright so for this particular article we are going to primarily focus on NASCAR culture and the race car scene permeating in the United States through stock car racing, and what we generally have found out through copious amounts of research is that there actually are just a bunch of companies that are investing in the sport, go figure, that are definitely having a huge impact on the sport in subtle ways, and what we typically found out was that when it comes to the fans and the whole race car scene in general there typically are two different types of people.

On one hand you have the really big NASCAR fans who follow the sport religiously and know everything about the racers and the products and everything really, and they just love the sport a lot. Then on the other hand there are a bunch of other fans who don’t really care as much about the result of the race in general but go to the races just to have a good time on the weekend and just do something where you can watch the cars go by and drink a shit ton of alcohol, and I think this is exactly what makes a race in NASCAR so much fun to go to at least from my own perspective, but of course everyone is different and everyone has their own perspectives on the race car scene in the United States it’s just a matter of how long it will continue till it changes more and more in the future, and I think we all know that the race car scenes around the world are very different as well.

Racing Parts

When it comes to the race car scenes of the world there really are a lot more than we normally would think there are here in North America and in general most Americans just think of NASCAR as the only type of auto racing and that is obviously not the truth because there are a bunch of different types of auto racing all over the world, and the most important changes to the types of auto racing in other parts of the world really include the types of race cars and then entire tracks that the drivers race on, and the differences can be really drastic.

Of course there is a bunch of debate about whether Formula racing is better or worse than stock car racing, but here in the United States stock car racing is definitely the most popular version of auto racing and that means that NASCAR and stock car racing generally will be the type of racing that will dominate most of the race car scene, and there’s a lot that goes on with this type of race car scene that doesn’t meet the eye, although for the most part at a NASCAR event you can see the whole track and what is going on everywhere including in the pit stops, but of course that isn’t the point that I am trying to make because even from the perspectives of the fans their definitely is a lot that goes into the entire American race car scene, but of course it is definitely different than the race car scene out in Europe.

Like I said kind of is the total opposite of the United States, but of course here in America NASCAR and stock car racing is wildly popular, especially in southern states, and that leads to a lot of fun and a whole bunch of alcohol and partying that goes along with the races, and even the biggest fans of racing understand that there is a lot into NASCAR that outsiders just will never understand, but that is why we are here. We are here today on this site through all of these articles and blogs to shed light on the race car scene within the United States as we also make other connections to Europe and other race car scenes from around the world, and I really do think that you will get a lot out of these articles so if you are the person who really likes race cars and NASCAR or Formula racing in general then you definitely have come to the right place online and we sure are happy to help you out and give you some useful information so that you can know what you’re talking about with your redneck co-workers next time you guys are talking in the break room on a Monday morning.

So for this article in particular what we are going to be talking about is Formula Racing and I think it is most well known as Formula One racing so hat is probably what we are going to refer to it as for now on, but of course these types of race cars are seriously awesome cars that are really crazy with the drivers somewhat exposed with their heads poking out of top of the car, and I thin this is partly why these types of cars are so extreme and awesome to watch race in general, but of course in America we have the IndyCar Series and that is the Formula One that we like to do but that entails races like the Indianapolis 500, but of course there are a bunch of other really great parts of this particular race car scene and the Formula race cars are definitely the type of race cars that everyone should be interested in because they are really cool looking, and I just think for the most part when it comes down to it Formula One is just a little bit more badass than NASCAR, but don’t tell my southern cousins that because they will throw a tantrum if you say anything bad about NASCAR, because that race car scene is a proud group, and we’ll talk all about them next.

Race Cars

Everyone knows that when it comes to race cars there are a lot of fun people that get involved, and I know that if you aren’t from the south or near a NASCAR event venue then you probably have a really goofy depiction in your head about what the whole race car scene is like in the United States, and for the most part your wild and rowdy depictions are definitely on point because if you ever go to a NASCAR event you are sure to run into a bunch of people who are really drunk and not really conscious of what they are doing or where they are or anything like that, and that is part of what makes a NASCAR event so much fun, because let’s be honest if you are going to invest a serious amount of time to watch a long race that seriously lasts around four to five hours then you should probably think about pre-gaming a little bit for the race, and that is what it’s all about and I think for the most part that is what race car culture and the whole scene is complimented by.

Now of course if we really get into the whole scene and the guys behind the scenes working on the cars and driving them, and even those funding the drivers and things like that it is a whole different story, and I think it is important for us to distinguish the race car scene in a few different groups between the fans, who tend to be drunk fools, the drivers, who tend to be rich crazy guys, and the other people working in the race car industry, who tend to be really knowledgeable about cars and know how to get things done.

This is definitely a really great scenario when it comes to evaluating the whole race car scene because we can’t just think of one of these groups and then put the whole industry in one group although they all do work and depend upon each other in certain ways, so that is a good point going in the other direction as well, but in the NASCAR scene there is only one direction and that is a left turn around and around in a circle for hundreds of miles, and for a lot of people around the world who are in the race car scene this is absolutely absurd and doesn’t require as much skill as driving a race car is like, and this is also what we are going to get into in some of these articles as well, the European race car scene, which is very different from the race car scene in the United States.

So if you just so happen to be someone who is in the race car scene or you are just a huge fan of NASCAR and race cars, or maybe you are just trying to gain some understanding of this whole scene because you find it kind of strange in confusing, well then you definitely have come to the right place because all of these articles and blogs are about the race car scene in general and that means that the above listed information is all going to be covered and talked about thoroughly, so we are really happy to have you at this site because it definitely means that we have some kind of readership and that goes to show just how loyal the fans of NASCAR and race cars in general are, because although they may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, they’ll always get the job done and not be too hard to find when you need them most.







Now when it comes down to it the race car scene has definitely been judged and made into a huge stereotype throughout the United States, and I think a lot of us understand that when it comes to racing automobiles this is one of the biggest traditions that the United States and the world has, and of course it is always really fun in general. Now, I must be honest and say that growing up in the southern region of the United States in North Carolina put me right in the heart of the race car scene in terms of NASCAR, and I think for the most part in the United States we always think of NASCAR in terms of the race car scene, and of course these cars are definitely some of the cooler types of race cars in the world but there definitely are some way cooler types of race cars throughout different little scenes in automobile racing, and that is something that a lot of Americans don’t always fully understand because we are so stuck on the idea of NASCAR and the circular tracks that they continuously circle for hundreds of miles in a large racing event during the summer weekends.

People love NASCAR all over the place, and I think that it is pretty safe to say that when you go to a NASCAR event anywhere in the United States you should definitely expect there to be a bunch of people drinking a copious amount of alcohol, and this is partly what the race is all about because even at most NASCAR events all over the country people are allowed to bring in their own coolers with literally whatever type of alcohol that they want as long as the cooler meets a certain size requirement, and that is kind of why a lot of people are always getting super wasted and then supporting Donald Trump in general during the presidential election, but I would say that not everyone in the race car scene likes Donald Trump, although I am pretty sure that a lot of NASCAR fans are probably also Donald Trump fans, but I don’t want to get political with this article because I know that this would piss off a bunch of people in the race car scene because they definitely get fired up about politics.

You see, what we are going to be discussing throughout all of these articles and blogs is the race car scene in general, but that means that we are also going to be talking about other scenes in the race car scene outside of NASCAR, but for right now we’ll keep it to NASCAR and all the fun times that can happen at a NASCAR event because as everyone knows it’s about one hundred thousand people packed into a stadium watching a bunch of race cars go around in a circle hundreds of times at fast speeds and that excites everyone to get up on their feet and cheer, and if you don’t think that most of the people that are out there are not drunk in any way then you are even more of a buffoon than the people in the race car scene, and who cares what I really say about these types of people because we all know that NASCAR is probably the most unathletic sport in the world and only has people driving cars at fast speeds, which means you don’t even technically have to know how to even run or be athletic in any way to be a world class NASCAR driver, especially because they are just driving in a circle, but of course there are some really cool race car scenes that are absolutely fantastic and we will be talking about those scenes throughout all of these articles and blogs so stay posted.